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Welcome to CyberHomeBusiness.com! We’re your go-to source for protecting your online home business from cyber threats.

I started Cyber Home Business after realizing that many resources for starting an online home business don’t address cybersecurity.

It is rather surprising that a significant number of experts in the online money-making field do not include advice on cybersecurity within their training programs. With the increasing number of individuals initiating online businesses, it is very important to provide guidance on safeguarding one’s income and customers from internet threats. Without cybersecurity advice, starting an online business can be likened to sending an individual to a gunfight armed only with a butter knife. If one were to represent this inconsistency visually, it would resemble this graph. 😢

Criminal hackers could have a field day once they realize that targeting small, insecure online home businesses can be just as profitable as going after large enterprises. After all, eating several small fish can be just as satisfying for a shark as eating one big fish.

Jay Elloso

Founder, Chief Editor, Cybersecurity Professional– Web security, Product Abuse Prevention

My name is Jay Elloso and as a cybersecurity expert, I’m offering to share my cybersecurity knowledge with you. As someone who works from home and runs an online business, I totally get the challenges that come with keeping things secure online. That’s why I’m here to help you out.

I’m busy growing our team of cybersecurity specialists who are devoted to offering you the most recent and accurate guides and information possible. We aim to cover everything from securing your home network to safeguarding your confidential work data. Unlike other cybersecurity resources, every piece of content on CyberHomeBusiness.com has been written or supervised by cybersecurity professional. Check out our page on how we make guides and reviews.

Our aim is not only to provide information but also to provide practical solutions. Our comprehensive guides and resources can help assist you in taking the necessary steps to protect your online remote or home environment. Whether you’re a freelancer, home business owner, or remote side-hustler, CyberHomeBusiness.com offers the best resources I could find to help you stay protected and secure online. If you have any suggestions to make this site better, just reach out to us via our Contact Us page!

Meet Our Team

Vincent, Cybersecurity Expert, Technical Reviewer

Boon Yew Goh

Technical Reviewer, Cybersecurity Expert – Consultancy

Boon Yew is an experienced IT professional with a strong background in cybersecurity. He has worked as an IT Security Consultant in Singapore, where he provided technical consulting and advice, led technical assessments and delivered specific technical solutions to meet requirements and specifications.

He engaged in technical problem solving across multiple technologies and participated in project implementation, coordinating new installations, designs and migrations for technology solutions. Boon Yew has also worked with diverse teams to facilitate solutions.

Den Morales, Cybersecurity Expert

Den Morales

Technical Reviewer, Cybersecurity Enthusiast– Forensics, Web testing, and Cloud security

Den has a solid background of 10 years in Electronics and design and has decided to pursue his passion for Cybersecurity. His interest in this field is focused mainly on three areas: Forensics, Web testing, and Cloud security.

To pursue his interest in Cybersecurity, Den plans to undertake relevant educational programs, certifications, and hands-on training. He also aims to participate in cybersecurity competitions and engage in real-world projects to gain practical experience.

What To Do Now?

At CyberHomeBusiness.com, we’re enthusiastic about providing remote freelance workers, side-hustlers, and home business owners stay safe in cyberspace and securely achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

  • Read our cybersecurity guides. They’re organized into categories to help you better understand your use case and cybersecurity needs.
  • Read our product comparisons. In this section, we’ve taken a look at different products. We’ve tested and evaluated these firsthand.

We will give it our all to succeed in providing you the best content we could give because we know how important it is to achieve your dreams through your online home business. Let’s do this securely!