How We Review Our Guides and Products

Here at Cyber Home Business, we take our responsibility of reviewing cybersecurity products and services for small online home businesses very seriously.

We understand that cybersecurity is crucial to the success of any online home business, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when making our recommendations. We thought you might be interested to learn how we select the products and services you find in our guides.

Here is what we do:

Look for industry-standard certifications and approvals

Cybersecurity products and services are submitted to various certifications and regulatory bodies to ensure they are effective, safe, and meet industry standards. We look for products and services that have been approved by reputable organizations.

Scour through user reviews

To ensure we provide the most accurate and unbiased reviews, we thoroughly research and analyze both positive and negative user reviews for the products and services we recommend.

We frequently connect with these customers to dig deeper into their experiences and incorporate their feedback into our content.

We value feedback from our users and take it into consideration when updating our reviews and guides. We regularly review user feedback and update our recommendations accordingly.

If you feel like you want to give some additional feedback into these same products, services, and guides; feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Us form.

Study the company’s history and reputation

Before recommending a new product or service, we extensively research the company’s history and operations to assess its reputation and potential risks for small online home businesses.

Some of the factors we consider include:

  • Company history and track record
  • Previous security breaches or incidents
  • Customer support and satisfaction
  • Any regulatory or legal actions against the company
  • Company leadership and staff qualifications

Conduct independent testing and seek expert opinions

Additionally, we often conduct independent testing and evaluations to determine the effectiveness and reliability of the cybersecurity products and services we review.

We have a team of cybersecurity experts who carefully scrutinize the security features of the products and services we review. We also seek opinions from other industry experts to ensure we provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Here’s what we don’t do:

Accept sponsorships or paid placements

We do not accept sponsorships or paid placements from cybersecurity product and service providers. We believe it is our editorial responsibility to recommend the best products and services based on our research and expertise, rather than financial incentives.

Recommend products or services without thorough research

We conduct extensive research and analysis before making any recommendations. We do not recommend products or services lightly and strive to provide the most accurate and unbiased information possible.

Go against industry standards or expert opinions

We do not recommend products or services that go against industry standards or expert opinions. If a product or service is not recommended by reputable organizations or cybersecurity experts, we will not recommend it to small online home businesses, regardless of our personal opinions.